How to combat ‘winter face’ and make your skin glow

As the nights draw in, the clocks go back and winter arrives, we often notice a marked change in our skin tone and texture. There are many reasons for this and Dr Lizzie talks us through what we can do to help rejuvenate our skin through the winter months.

As a facial aesthetician who has have spent many years studying the skin through Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine and facial remodelling courses on London’s Harley Street, Dr Lizzie is an expert on day-to-day skin care and what we can do to prevent early ageing and keep our skin in prime condition.

During winter, Dr Lizzie acknowledges that the challenges are greater. The extremes between the cold outdoors and dry, heated indoors can create havoc for greasy, dry and sensitive skin. Without looking to any other pollutants, just the atmosphere that we live and work in can in itself be problematic for skin. Dr Lizzie suggests keeping the indoor temperatures down, to help avoid drying your skin whilst a humidifier and air filter, especially if placed in the bedroom can be huge help in hydrating the skin.

In terms of your skincare routine, winter should see more nourishing products entering your daily care. Avoid highly perfumed products as these tend to have more chemicals added – stick to gentle, less fragranced items. Don’t forget to exfoliate too to slough off dead skin cells, and Dr Lizzie recommends using a day oil, and night oil and an eye serum every day.

In terms of SPF, Dr Lizzie advises a small dose of SPF in your facial moisturiser to protect from sun rays, although if you head off to sunnier shores for winter sun, or plan on hitting the slopes for ski, it’s important to up your SPF to at least 30 SPF. Being higher up on a mountain with closer proximity to the sun can mean greater exposure to damaging rays.

Winter can be a great time for a facial treatment, without the worry of sun exposure or hyper pigmentation post-treatment, with the added bonus of looking your best for party season. Book in for a consultation with Dr Lizzie to gain her professional perspective on your skin. She may recommend a hydrogen facial which protects and hydrates the dermal layers with antioxidants or some Profhilo injections which will add a dose of miracle Hyaluronic Acid directly into your dermal layer resulting in a youthful glow all your friends will envy.

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