Improve your ‘Zoom face’ for the best version of you.

Like it or not, 2020 is definitely the year of the Zoom call. Seeing ourselves animated, talking, laughing or even just as ‘resting face’ gives us a whole new perspective on how we look to others. Smile lines and forehead wrinkles we never knew existed present themselves with ease and dark circles and under eye bags seem magnified. With no sign of Zoom calls abating, it’s time to look at how we can improve your ‘Zoom Face.’

Firstly, one easy and important way to help skin tone and your overall look is to work with the settings on Zoom itself. Did you know that there is a touch-up button within the app that can instantly give you a glow? 

Once you’ve mastered this, you might want to look at the lighting in your study space – light coming from above can be more flattering and natural light can help ‘bleach out’ forehead wrinkles and frown lines. Another thing to consider with the new pandemic rulebook is your general facial cleanliness. Dr Lizzie is seeing many of her patients with increased pore congestion and breakouts from wearing a mask. Remember to change your mask often and keep it clean. 

Dr Lizzie also suggests a visit to her top aesthetic clinic in London, so she can give you a full facial analysis and examine your face closely and in detail. Dr Lizzie may recommend a series of facials and hydrogen infusions to exfoliate the upper skin dermal layer to reveal glowing, fresher skin.

Another course of action might be an anti-ageing treatment such as Botox, which is available at Dr Lizzie’s Botox clinic. After a thorough 3-D skin mapping and analysis, top Botox Doctor Lizzie will discuss the best way to smooth forehead lines, smile lines and lip lines. She may suggest a course of ‘baby Botox’ to start with which will help tighten the face and present a more youthful look, with a smaller dose of Botulinum toxin (Botox).

But don’t expect your next Zoom call to be full of raised eyebrows at your new look. Dr Lizzie’s technique is to enhance your natural beauty so no one will guess you’ve had work done. You will simply appear as the best version of yourself – healthy, radiant and full of life.

Need to Know - your experience at Dr Lizzie Tuckey’s clinic

If you have never been to a top aesthetic clinic in London, you may well be surprised at what a professional and even luxurious experience it is. Dr Lizzie’s clinic feels like entering a hushed spa, with discreet staff, smart interior design, fresh flowers and comfortable designer seating.

If it’s your first time meeting Dr Lizzie, you will first have a consultation before deciding your treatment plan with the aim of slowing the ageing process. Dr Lizzie likes to get to know you and your skin in detail as part of the consultation. For Dr Lizzie, it’s important to understand your needs, and for her your skin texture and lines will give her the information she requires to plan precisely what treatment is most suitable.

Using intricate 3-D analysis and face mapping, your pore size, pigmentation and wrinkles will be examined closely. Dr Lizzie will be looking for the signs of ageing including crow’s feet and forehead lines as well as skin elasticity and sun damage. It’s important to Dr Lizzie that she hears your thoughts too – what areas are you most self-conscious about? Where would you like to see real improvements?

From here, Dr Lizzie will be able to discuss the next steps with you. Often favouring the natural approach, it may be beneficial for you to try facial acupuncture or face gym, which works on the muscles in your face to improve and tighten your skin. This can assist with toning the muscles in your face naturally and may be a great starting point for someone on their first steps of their facial aesthetics journey.

By looking at your forehead lines and crow’s feet, Dr Lizzie may design an anti-ageing treatment plan that uses wrinkle injections to create a more youthful look. Botox injections can be used on the forehead, around the eyes, to tighten the jaw and to lift the mouth area.

If Dr Lizzie thinks lips need work, then she may suggest a Derma filler to plump and rejuvenate. Another one of Dr Lizzie’s favourites is Profhilo injections which give skin a boost of Hyaluronic Acid making a huge difference to skin texture.

Between you and Dr Lizzie, you will work on an anti-ageing treatment that is ideally suited to your needs. The only thing you’ll need to do is book in for the course that Dr Lizzie has recommended and look forward to a refreshed new look.

Should I have Botox?

This is a question that Dr Lizzie is often asked, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Dr Lizzie takes a huge amount of care to come to each consultation and patient with a bespoke mindset – every patient will need something entirely different to the next, and Dr Lizzie uses her natural, less-is-more approach which is unique and individually designed for every client.

The reason why people opt for Botox is simple – it can take five years off your face. But the question of whether you should have it is more complex.

That is where the services of London’s top Botox doctor, Dr Lizzie Tuckey comes in. By detailed facial analysis combined with her deep understanding of facial anatomy, Dr Lizzie will be able to present you with a clear answer. After scrutinising every inch of your skin on a consultation at Dr Lizzie’s London Botox clinic, she will confidently be able to tell you whether you should have Botox.

She will also arm you with the facts about Botox, so you can make a decision, fully in-the-know. For example, did you know that Botox was reversible? And although people talk of freezing the muscles, you will still have a full range of expression and facial movements with Dr Lizzie’s light touch. In addition, with reviews every two weeks, you can have an open dialogue with regards to your next steps.

During your consultation, you will have plenty of time to talk to Lizzie about why you would like Botox. It may be that you’re suffering from a non-ageing related issue such as teeth clenching hyperhidrosis or tension headaches. Dr Lizzie’s use of Botox in these areas have had great success.

If you’re interested in Botox to gain a more youthful look, it could be that ‘baby Botox’ will suit you best if your wrinkles are fine lines and you need just a little tweak. The subtle wrinkle injections use smaller amounts of Botox to help with the early signs of ageing. Or you might have a more specific area that you’d like help with for example Botox can fix a gummy smile, a downturn in the mouth or an ageing neck.

One of the most common areas to have Botox are crow’s feet and frown lines, as people generally tend to look to your eyes and forehead while talking to you, so it makes a big difference to have a more smooth and less lined upper face.

The best way to decide whether you should have Botox is to talk directly to Dr Lizzie. Book in for one of her detailed consultations where you’ll have time to talk about all your needs and requirements.

How to combat ‘winter face’ and make your skin glow

As the nights draw in, the clocks go back and winter arrives, we often notice a marked change in our skin tone and texture. There are many reasons for this and Dr Lizzie talks us through what we can do to help rejuvenate our skin through the winter months.

As a facial aesthetician who has have spent many years studying the skin through Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine and facial remodelling courses on London’s Harley Street, Dr Lizzie is an expert on day-to-day skin care and what we can do to prevent early ageing and keep our skin in prime condition.

During winter, Dr Lizzie acknowledges that the challenges are greater. The extremes between the cold outdoors and dry, heated indoors can create havoc for greasy, dry and sensitive skin. Without looking to any other pollutants, just the atmosphere that we live and work in can in itself be problematic for skin. Dr Lizzie suggests keeping the indoor temperatures down, to help avoid drying your skin whilst a humidifier and air filter, especially if placed in the bedroom can be huge help in hydrating the skin.

In terms of your skincare routine, winter should see more nourishing products entering your daily care. Avoid highly perfumed products as these tend to have more chemicals added - stick to gentle, less fragranced items. Don’t forget to exfoliate too to slough off dead skin cells, and Dr Lizzie recommends using a day oil, and night oil and an eye serum every day.

In terms of SPF, Dr Lizzie advises a small dose of SPF in your facial moisturiser to protect from sun rays, although if you head off to sunnier shores for winter sun, or plan on hitting the slopes for ski, it’s important to up your SPF to at least 30 SPF. Being higher up on a mountain with closer proximity to the sun can mean greater exposure to damaging rays.

Winter can be a great time for a facial treatment, without the worry of sun exposure or hyper pigmentation post-treatment, with the added bonus of looking your best for party season. Book in for a consultation with Dr Lizzie to gain her professional perspective on your skin. She may recommend a hydrogen facial which protects and hydrates the dermal layers with antioxidants or some Profhilo injections which will add a dose of miracle Hyaluronic Acid directly into your dermal layer resulting in a youthful glow all your friends will envy.

Dr Lizzie’s Top Tips for Anti-Ageing

More than anyone, Dr Lizzie understands the power of having good skin and is dedicated to helping her clients achieve this. For Dr Lizzie, it’s not always about jumping on the latest trends but utilising the methods she knows to work and designing a unique course of action for each client.

Having trained under the tutelage of Botox-founder Dev Basra and is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, an affiliate of the British Association of Cosmetic Medicine and studied in Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology, Dr Lizzie is a firm believer in looking after your skin inside and out and by the way in which we live our lives, keeping away the signs of ageing for longer.

Favouring a holistic approach, Dr Lizzie recommends these insider tips from the world of dermatology, which she herself adheres to.

Lifestyle Choices

One of Dr Lizzie’s top tips for anti-ageing is to drink 500ml water before you leave the house. This gives mind and body an instant dousing of hydration and helps prepare skin for the day ahead. Getting into the habit of doing this means your skin is less like to dry out, which speeds up ageing. In terms of nutrition, Dr Lizzie advises her clients to eat a rainbow-hued diet, choosing brightly coloured foods and including some raw fruit and vegetables every day. Lastly, Dr Lizzie sees the importance of me-time at the close of each day, recommending space for meditation. This de-stressing at the end of the day helps to secure a good night sleep, essential for youthful skin.

Skincare Routines

Skincare routines are something which allow us to indulge in the ritual of good skin practices everyday and also give us the opportunity to observe our skin, noting any changes or signs of ageing. Dr Lizzie is an advocate of exfoliation, not only to keep skin clean but to help clear pores, which in turn can keep pore size down. She recommends in particular to remember to exfoliate after exercise, plus use a daily cleanser and oil. Something Dr Lizzie gets asked about frequently is the use of retinol to reduce fine lines and help prevent ageing. It has become an almost cult beauty product although many don’t know the best way to use it. Dr Lizzie believes night time is the optimal time to use a small dose of retinol, so it can absorb into the skin without making you vulnerable to sun exposure.

Lesser-Known Age-Prone Areas

We all have areas that we know suffer from ageing, which typically we associate with the face. However, Dr Lizzie suggests that we also take note of those areas which we often overlook. She cites the chest, neck and hands as ageing hotspots that don’t get the attention they should, which result in ageing through lack of care and attention. Daily SPF should extend from the face to the neck, top of the chest and hands, remembering to reapply throughout the day after handwashing in particular. At night, we should allow our face oil to again cover the neck and chest area and apply a hydrating hand cream, allowing it to absorb while we sleep.

Facial Treatments

Looking after your own skin is vital to help prevent ageing, but sometimes it’s important to let the professional take over. Facial treatments can make a huge difference to ageing from adding hydration, helping with sun damage, removing fine lines and repairing pigmentation among many others.

A new treatment which Dr Lizzie is excited to share are her innovative hydrogen infusions. By infusing the skin with hydrogenated water, impurities and pollutants are removed whilst adding antioxidants and hydration – your skin will look rejuvenated and refreshed.

Dr Lizzie is also a fan of the new Venus Glow facial treatments which takes out all the impurities from your skin – allowing pores to be completely clear. This simple, natural treatment, performed with a tiny vacuum and its ultra-fine jet streams, opens pores, removes excess oil and dirt, while the jets massage and hydrate the skin. Newly glowing skin awaits!

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