Need to Know – your experience at Dr Lizzie Tuckey’s clinic

If you have never been to a top aesthetic clinic in London, you may well be surprised at what a professional and even luxurious experience it is. Dr Lizzie’s clinic feels like entering a hushed spa, with discreet staff, smart interior design, fresh flowers and comfortable designer seating. 

If it’s your first time meeting Dr Lizzie, you will first have a consultation before deciding your treatment plan with the aim of slowing the ageing process. Dr Lizzie likes to get to know you and your skin in detail as part of the consultation. For Dr Lizzie, it’s important to understand your needs, and for her your skin texture and lines will give her the information she requires to plan precisely what treatment is most suitable. 

Using intricate 3-D analysis and face mapping, your pore size, pigmentation and wrinkles will be examined closely. Dr Lizzie will be looking for the signs of ageing including crow’s feet and forehead lines as well as skin elasticity and sun damage. It’s important to Dr Lizzie that she hears your thoughts too – what areas are you most self-conscious about? Where would you like to see real improvements?

From here, Dr Lizzie will be able to discuss the next steps with you. Often favouring the natural approach, it may be beneficial for you to try facial acupuncture or face gym, which works on the muscles in your face to improve and tighten your skin. This can assist with toning the muscles in your face naturally and may be a great starting point for someone on their first steps of their facial aesthetics journey.

By looking at your forehead lines and crow’s feet, Dr Lizzie may design an anti-ageing treatment plan that uses wrinkle injections to create a more youthful look. Botox injections can be used on the forehead, around the eyes, to tighten the jaw and to lift the mouth area.

If Dr Lizzie thinks lips need work, then she may suggest a Derma filler to plump and rejuvenate. Another one of Dr Lizzie’s favourites is Profhilo injections which give skin a boost of Hyaluronic Acid making a huge difference to skin texture. 

Between you and Dr Lizzie, you will work on an anti-ageing treatment that is ideally suited to your needs. The only thing you’ll need to do is book in for the course that Dr Lizzie has recommended and look forward to a refreshed new look. 

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